1st Episode Of “Pokemon Journeys: The Series” Lands On Youtube

ENTER PIKACHU! the first episode of the once Netflix-exclusive “Pokemon Journeys: The Series” is now available on the official Pokemon Youtube channel fully-subbed (sorry dub fans). This comes exactly one month after “Pokemon Journeys: The Series” premiered on Netflix.

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Netflix has been doing everything they possibly can to acquire more anime. The addition of the latest Pokemon series only strengthens their position as a necessary streaming service for anime. Pokemon’s success was already guaranteed for a streaming platform like Netflix. Their launch of the 22nd Pokemon film “Pokemon: Mewtwo Strikes Back” was a success. They continue to grow their catalog with additional Pokemon movie and series.


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Pokemon Journeys: The Series had a rocky beginning to the year. The series production was temporarily suspended in late March, consequences of Covid-19 and something of a rare occurrence for the Pokemon production team. The Pokemon anime-series has not seen a major delay since the late 90’s “Pokemon Shock” incident 20-years ago. A rare occurrence where a Pokemon animation triggered hazardous health issues for some unfortunate people. The Japanese government has since resumed all regular broadcasting and has lifted stay-at-home orders in all Japanese prefectures. The series latest episode began airing June 6th.

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No word yet on any more episodes being released on The Official Pokemon Youtube channel. You can watch the next 11 episodes on Netflix (membership required). Netflix will be updating Pokemon Journeys: The Series in batches every few months. The first episode is a prequel to the original series. Learn how Pikachu became a Pikachu from a Pichu! First episode is free. This might just be the reason to buy that Netflix subscription you’ve been holding out for.

Source: Official Pokemon Youtube Channel

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