“Sakura Revolution” Mobile Title Coming Exclusively To Japan

The Sakura Wars series is getting a crossover into the mobile gaming space. Sega announced earlier today “Sakura Revolution,” a mobile game coming to Japanese phones in late 2020.

Sega originally teased the project under the code name Project B.L.A.C.K., gaining momentum for an early marketing campaign. It certainly worked. Sega fans were buzzed with a lot of theories pointing to a new “Sakura Wars” game. The hint came with the promotional video music being composed by Kohei Tanaka, a known Sega composer with plenty of credits for the “Sakura Wars” franchise.

The question is finally answered with the announcement of “Sakura Revolution: Blooming Maidens.”

sega x delightworks

Sega teaming up with Delightworks dropped a new 20-minute OVA to give the characters some spotlight. The exclusive, Sakura Revolution OVA was animated by CloverWorks.


The Official “Sakura Revolution: Blooming Maidens” Game Trailer



Sakura Revolution will take place in 2011, 16 years after a devastating calamaity. The two factions Dai Teikoku Kagekidan B.L.A.C.K. and Teikoku Kagekidan Aogashima. Who will unite Japan?

Sakura Revolution: Blooming Maidens will be exclusive to Japan, coming to iOS and Android Fall 2020.

No announcement for a global release, but “Sakura Wars” popularity in the West is as large as the East. Stay tuned. Sega has been launching mobile games quarterly, internationally with great results. The popularity and profitability could very well see “Sakura Revolution: Blooming Maidens” in the West.

Source: Official Sakura Wars Website

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