AnimeJapan Making A Comeback This Decade With 2021 Dual Convention

AnimeJapan is finally making a comeback. The convention hasn’t been around for the last two years and covid-19 botched AnimeJapan 2020. The committee and sponsors seem determined to continue the convention. This upcoming year marks the 8th time AnimeJapan has been held. In celebration the organizers have themed the upcoming 2021 event as the “8th Edition” using the number 8 and the ∞ (infinity) symbol.

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It’s awesome to see another Japanese anime convention making a comeback, covid-19 certainly changed peoples traveling habits. Going forward into 2021, AnimeJapan and competing exhibitions will certainly prioritize live-streaming events and exhibitions. Jump Festa, a convention that celebrates Shueisha’s properties like Naruto and One piece will be exclusively-online. Comiket, one of Japan’s largest pop culture conventions with roots in artisanal and underground artist and titles, postponed Comiket 99 to winter 2021.

While the reason is unfortunate. These new international restrictions have forced new industry standards and expectations. Online events like “Air Comiket” only ease the accessibility of these events. We should see tremendous growth in convention numbers, physical and digital.

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The convention will be a mixture of physical and digital. Some stages will be live-streamed during public days with business days being completely digital and devoted to licensors, licensees and industry partners. This will mark the first time AnimeJapan’s been streamed in anyway. You can get more information on the upcoming anime-convention from AnimeJapan’s offical website.

Source: AnimeJapan / Press Release

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