Upcoming Anime-Adaptation “No Guns Life” Shows Off 1st Promo And Visual

No Guns Life 1st Visual

Fan’s of Tasuku Karasuma’s Manga “No Guns Life” will be thrilled to see the first upcoming anime-adaptation visual. The manga’s been serialized by manga magazine Ultra Jump since 2014. Checkout the first promo video and image!

“Power Rangers: Battle For The Grid” Reveals Upcoming Launch Dates

power rangers BFTG

The Official Twitter account for Nway’s, upcoming-franchise game “Power Rangers: Battle For The Grid” dropped some news on when you’ll be able to morph. Additionally, there’s an official 60-minute gameplay trailer. Check it out!

Get Ready gamers…. Atelier Lulua: The Scoin of Arland will launch in May

Atelier Lulua: The Scion of Arland

Atelier Lulua: The Scoin of Arland takes place years after the third game Atelier Meruru, stars the daughter of “Rorona” Fixell. Lulua Fixell a young and aspiring alchemist training under a mentor, Pena. Lulua trains vigorously and wants to  fulfills a dream of becoming just like her mother, Rorona a great alchemist. As her training continues, she discovers  a mysterious Code X awaking an ancient power! Lulu sets off to Arland hopping to improve her powers and uncover the riddles of the Code X.

Do Not Miss Out On “Pokemon Go: Shiny Meltan” Monthly Exclusive

Shiny Meltan Pokemon Go

Go get it…… It’s another Mythical Pokémon in “Pokémon Go” available for a limited time February 5th – March 1st. Just in time for the 2019 Lunar New Year Celebration.

Dr.Stone Anime Showoffs Main Cast In “Rough Drafts”

dr.stone rough draft art

Dr.Stone’s official website updated with some new content, rough drafts of the main cast.

Click the “Read More” to get a full look at all the photos of the main cast and their associated voice actors.

Get Treated By “Dr. Mario” On Your Android or iPhone This Summer

dr.mario mobile game

Nintendo took their time entering the mobile gaming market. Their first attempt, Miitomo, was short-lived. Some may call it a failure. The gaming behmoth didn’t give up Nintendo released “Mario Run.” The endless runner featuring Nintendo’s famous mascot Mario created a runaway success.  Nintendo launched three other mobile titles, all successful: Fire Emblem Heroes, Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp, and Dragalia Lost. The latter being a completely new, mobile-first IP.

The Next Dragon Ball Z Game Will Be Mixture Of Action And RPG

Dragon Ball Game Project Z

The official Dragon Ball Twitter account teased an announcement today for a new title, “Dragon Ball Game Project Z: Action RPG.” The tweet included a render of Goku and his young-son Gohan. The upcoming Action/RPG will depict a “never before expressed, nostalgic, and new Dragon Ball World.” That could mean a variety of things, but we can all agree that we’re very excited to see a new Dragon Ball Z RPG.

Grind Through The Past In Diablo III “Darkening Of Tristram” Anniversary Event

diablo iii darkening of tristram

This is a pretty historical moment for Nintendo Switch owners. Blizzard is hosting an in-game anniversary event and Switch players are invited for the celebration. Diablo III “Darkening Of Tristram” is now available. Slay original Diablo bosses and, if retro graphics are your taste, enjoy the unique “RetroVision” filter Blizzard applied to make the event that more authentic. Anyone who purchased the Eternal Collection or purchased the “adorable” Diablo III Amiibo will have the chance to grind and raid for transmogrification effects, portraits, achievements and pets.

Anime Suggestions: Anime Like Goblin Slayer

anime like goblin slayer

anime like goblin slayerGoblin Slayer Anime


A young priestess journeys to the local guild to begin her first adventures as an adventurer. Shortly after joining a party of rookies, with the intention of hunting a few goblins for some easy coin, things take a turn for the worse. Goblin’s are ruthless and unmerciful creatures that destroy, kill and sodomize. The young priestess party of rookies are quickly overwhelmed. Moments from being slaughter like the rest of her naive party she is saved by the Goblin Slayer. A silver guild-ranked member who’s life mission is to hunt and kill all goblins.

NIS America Delays RPG Maker MV Western Release

rpg maker mv delayed 2019

NIS America took to social media and their official blog to announce the delay of “RPG Maker MV”  for western console players. NIS America states their having development issues. That could mean a year or more before anyone with a Playstation or Switch gets to geek out and create some retro-dungeon crawlers.