Death Note: Light Up The New World Gets Teaser Clip And Trailer

Death Note’s latest film installment looks very, very cool. In the clip provided by “Cinema Today”, a Japanese film entertainment website gave a quick look at a Death Note owner and of course the name-scribbling followed by instant death. This particular Death Note-owner smiles as she scribbles a name and a man in the crowd falls to his death. The fourth installment will act as sequel to the original with the story forwarding 10 years after the original Death Note fell into the world. This time there will be six Death Note’s and six Shinigami’s. While “Death Note: Light Of The New World” will have an exclusive October-Japan release it’s possible like the other films (Death Note & Death Note: The Last Name) before it will make its way to overseas Otaku. But don’t fret if you aren’t living in Japan. Another overseas adaptation of the original story is being produced by Netflix, after Warner Bros. dropped the rights to a live-action Death Note. Netflix has given a potential 2017 release. Continue reading