Crunchyroll Licenses And Streams “Digimon Adventure:Anime” 2020 Reboot

“Digimon: Digital Monsters,” is finally making a comeback with a reboot entitled “Digimon Adventure: Anime.” Crunchyroll has the license! Fans of Digimon have fond memories of the early ’90s when Digimon first made its way overseas in 1999 (overseas) and ended in 2000 with a whopping 54 episodes. A second season began to air in 2000, entitled “Digimon: Digital Monsters 2,” ending in 2001 with 50 episodes. That’s a total of 104 episodes. Twenty (20) years later we now have an entire reboot “Digimon Adventure: Anime” and it’s available today (April 4) on Crunchyroll’s streaming platform. Checkout the official reboots promo-trailer from Crunchyroll below. Continue reading