GKIDS Announces Historical-Digital Release Of Studio Ghibli’s Most Popular Films

Studio Ghibli films are a must-see for any anime fan, but they did something most Japanese-animation studios can not. Their stories and films crossed over. Studio Ghibli¬† accomplished the ability to sell a Japanese produced, family-animated film. You didn’t have to like Dragon Ball Z or Pokemon to enjoy a film like Howl’s Moving Castle Or Spirited Away.¬†The latter winning an Academy Award for Best Animated Feature. This is the first time Studio Ghibli films will be available digitally. Studio Ghibli films have never been available overseas, digitally and legally. GKIDS Films changes all that this month!

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GKIDS Announces “Genius Party & Genius Party Beyond” Fall Release For Home Video

GKIDS have had some success in the past with their anime offerings: Summer Wars, A Letter To MOMO, and now Genius Party and it’s second part Genius Party Beyond. Produced by Studio 4C, the two projects were release a year apart. Genius Party released in Japan 2007 while the second part was released in 2008. This will be the anthologies first official release out of Japan. The anthology contains 12 different “episodes” from 12 different directors. The premise of the project was “the spirit of creativity.” Checkout the link to the right, watch the trailer and find out what directors were attached to the project. Continue reading