New Trailer For “Dragon Quest XI S – Definitive Edition” Coming To Nintendo Switch This Fall

Dragon Quest XI S is coming to the Nintendo Switch. The two year wait may be worth it for those who didn’t pickup a copy for the Playstation 4 or the Nintendo 3DS. Dragon Quest XI S: Echoes Of An Elusive Age will have an expanded plot, updated 16-bit graphics and optional orchestra music.

The Nintendo Switch port will be available September 27, 2019.

Source: Nintendo Youtube

Announcment: J-RPG “Alliance Alive HD Remastered” Official Trailer For Switch And PS4

Alliance Alive, a j-rpg developed by Cattle Call for the Nintendo 3DS will be ported to the Nintendo Switch, Playstation 4, and Microsoft Windows. The remastered edition certainly earns its title. While it’s too early to call on the game-play do the new visuals warrant a second copy? Continue reading

The Pokemon Company Releases “Pokemon: Sword And Shield” Trailer

The official Pokemon Youtube channel updated today with a two-minute trailer. The trailer dives right into what looks like a Pikachu clone but is surprisingly an entirely new Pokemon. You’ll get a glimpse of old Pokemon with the new galarian-evolution. This new region brings new villains. They go by the name of “Team Yell.” Continue reading

Checkout “Northgard’s” Announcement Trailer For The Nintendo Switch

Northguard is an interesting indie title from Shiro Games. The upcoming-RTS revolves around Nordic culture and society. Not exactly a unique spin but the game delivers with beautiful graphics, a progressive story-line and solid-gameplay mechanics. Northgard was originally released for PC in March 2018. There’s no solid release date for the Nintendo Switch port but I’m sure we’ll see it on Nintendo’s eshop soon. Checkout the Northgard’s Nintendo Switch trailer below. Let us know what you think in the comments.

“God Eater 3” Coming To Nintendo Switch This Summer!

God Eater is finally making its way to the Nintendo Switch! As of today you can pre-order a copy of “God Eater 3” for the Nintendo Switch, retail price $59.99. God Eater 3 was released for the Playstation 4 and Windows PC back in February, it is third installment in the God Eater franchise. The game was developed by Marvelous Entertainment Inc and published by Bandai Namco Entertainment. Originally the game was produced by Shift. The former was an indie studio responsible for the first and second titles of God Eater. Shift also developed God Eater Burst, God Eater 2/Rage Burst, and God Eater Resurrection. READ MORE to get all the God Eater 3 news.

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First Visual Of Upcoming Zoids’ Game For Nintendo Switch Looks Simple

Japan can’t get enough of “Zoids.” The popular franchise began to see a resurgence this year with “Zoids Wild”, the sixth installment in the anime series that began airing this July. The new line of toys and anime isn’t enough. Today Takara Tomy released the first visual for the upcoming “Zoids Wild” game for the Nintendo Switch. Continue reading

Nintendo To Sell 2 Million Nintendo Switch’s By End Of March

CEO, Tatsumi Kimishima told Japanese Wall Street Journal reporter Takashi Mochizuki that the Nintendo Switch will not replace the Nintendo 3ds, nor does the company intend to sell the system at a loss in hopes to recover from 3rd party software sales or future sales of the hybrid console. Nintendo will listen to consumer’s expectation concerning the price of the system.  Continue reading