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Playstation’s Next Update Lets Players Game On PC & Mac

ps4 remote play

Playstation 4 users will finally have the ability to play there games from just about anywhere now. Tomorrow (4/6/2016), Sony will be updating the Playstation 4 software to allow players the ability to play games on PC & Mac. The update also brings some new broadcasting and social features. 

Playstation Plus Users Receive 1-Day Free Code

PS-Plus 1 Day Free Code

Playstation Plus subscribers suffered a whole 12 hours without gameplay January 4,2016. The servers were having issues and it took Sony 12 solid hours to get things up and running. While gamers suffer Sony was losing revenue and reputation.

There are plenty of games you can play without having to subscribe to Sony’s monthly-gaming subscription service. But games like Elder Scrolls Online and DC Universe Online absolutely need a connection. In addition to multi-player games being disconnected, users couldn’t use social features, or update account information.

So if you’re a Playstation-Plus subscriber check your email. Sony made good on ¬†their word with supplying a 1-day free code.