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Pokemon Go Prepares For Trainer Vs Trainer Update

pokemon go trainer battles tease

   Looks like the teasing for trainer battles coming to Pokémon Go continue. Niantic, makers of the game have been tweeting little hints and dropping tidbits of information on the upcoming update through their official Twitter account. The upcoming feature will introduce three new battle leagues:Great, Ultra and Master. Pokemon Go trainers will have to think strategically, each league will come with Pokémon CP limitations.

“Pokemon The Movie: I Choose You!” Debuts Trailer For 20th Anniversary

pokemon the movie: i choose you

Pokemon The Movie: I Choose You Trailer

“Pokemon The Movie: I Choose You” will be available in Japan July 15th. No word yet on a Western release but Pokemon is global so expect it to have one.

“Pokemon Co-Master” Coming Soon To A Smartphone In Your Pocket

Pokemon Co-Master

The Pokemon Company isn’t wasting time in their attempt to takeover mobile gaming. The company has teamed up with a famous A.I Japanese firm to create a new board game-like Pokemon mobile game.

Pokemon Company Celebrates 20 Years Of World Domination

Pokemon 20 Year Celebration

Can you believe it’s been 20 years since Pokemon first made its debut in Japan back in 1996? Of course the states and the rest of the world had to wait a few more years before Nintendo published the games outside of their home territory. But this time is different.

Nintendo and The Pokemon Company are celebrating with a slew of announcements, everything from upcoming Pokemon movies available to stream to a brand new trading card game generation. Read more for the details!

Nintendo To Launch 2DS In Japan With Retro Colors

Japanese Nintendo 2DS Pokemon Edition

Pokemon is turning 20 years old and Nintendo is celebrating in a very, very cool way. The company famous for character like Pikachu, Donkey Kong and Mario will release the Nintendo 2DS handheld in Japan. Even better are the retro-exclusive colors for the new devices: red, blue, green and Pikachu yellow.