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Checkout The “Sega Heroes” Launch Trailer

sega heroes mobile

Sega is at it again with another mobile game, “Sega Heroes.” The North American division, responsible for publishing games in the West under the Sega banner have officially launched a new puzzle-rpg brawler.

Sega Getting Ready For 25 Years Of Sonic

Sonic 25th Anniversary

Nintendo is celebrating 20 years of Pokemon and they’re doing it in a big way. A slew of movies, merchandise and games will be released for 2016 but another popular gaming company are celebrating too, Sega and Sonic. Sega is celebrating 25 years of Sonic and the year going forward looks interesting. 

Sentai Filmworks Winter Title License For “Phantasy Star Online 2: The Animation”

Sentai Filmworks expands there lineup for  the winter 2016 anime season with confirmation the company has acquired upcoming winter-anime license “Phantasy Star Online 2.”