Robin William’s Daughter “Zelda” Helps Raise $5,000 For Mental Health Charity

It’s a beautiful thing to see celebrities use their influence to promote a cause that many suffer, especially one that cannot be seen. Mental health organization Brain & Health Foundation teamed up with channel LVLUP Dojo to stream Zelda Williams, daughter of famous comedian Robin Williams playing “Zelda: Breath Of The Wild”. Continue reading

Viz Media Launches Omnibus For “The Legend Of Zelda” Manga

Viz Media isn’t holding back with “The Legend Of Zelda”. They’re introducing a limited edition omnibus with 2-1 volumes. This limited editon bundle will feature new covers from original artist “Akira Himekawa.” 

This version will also be a tad-larger in size, but bigger is always better with resolution. There will be a total of 5 volumes with a 10-month waiting time.

The limited edition bundle will retail for $US 17.99 &  $CAN 21.99.